• Primary Care

    At Zipperer Medical Group we offer a professional approach to Primary Care, fully supervised by Dr. Zipperer.

  • Pain Management

    Get rid of unwanted pain, and regain your normal life back.

  • Addiction Services

    Feel great about yourself and live free once and for all.

About Dr. Zipperer

Dr. Zipperer is originally from Savannah, Georgia. He studied at Emory College in Atlanta, followed by the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Florida in Gainesville. He holds Board Certification in Internal Medicine.

He is a member of The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). He has many years of experience dealing with…

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Your Health Matters

Although we have focused interests including pain management, our first commitment is always on you and your general healthcare needs. You will receive focused attention on your medical problems by Internal Medicine and Family Practice providers who have decades of experience dealing with general medical conditions. We can provide the bulk of your diagnostic and therapeutic services. We are quick to utilize and refer to our specialist colleagues when appropriate.

A medical and professional approach to your care

Our Services

More than anything, at Zipperer Medical Group we are committed to your results, that is why we believe that every procedure should be performed by Dr. Zipperer or one of our other highly trained providers.

Our Mission Statement

Thank you for your interest in Zipperer Medical Group. We are growing & expanding rapidly! We’d like to thank all of our patients for their help, as we have grown largely by word of mouth. Because of this rapid expansion, we have added a new Physician, Dr. Maria Freeman and two new Physician Assistants, Scott Hackenbruch PA-C and Stephen Shortridge PA-C . Dr. Freeman brings considerable experience as a family physician, and will be enabling us to add women’s health and broaden our coverage to younger children as well the adolescent and adult coverage we have been offering. I am very excited to welcome her aboard.

As an Internist, with many years experience taking care of the most complex medical problems, Dr. Zipperer can tailor a plan of care that will help keep you healthy and out of the hospital. Some of his areas of interest, besides the traditional areas of diabetes, hypertension, preventive care, and other general medical problems, are in the areas of rheumatologic diseases and chronic pain medicine management. He is often able to simplify and streamline patients’ medicine regimens, and he also is experienced in dealing with patients who are on chronic opioid therapy.

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